Karen K Needham picture
I am Karen K Needham, a Client Centered Coach for individuals looking for validation and direction.

Based on life, educational, and professional experiences, I have encountered losses and transitions (planned and unplanned) in different aspects of life.
   Personal experience
  Life is unpredictable. My journey started on a path that everyone ‘said’ I should be on: get the job, get married, get the house, have kids, and be happy. What does that mean? 
Is there more to life? The journey continues.
 I question ‘What do I do now? What is my purpose? Throughout transitions, I have experienced familial loss and grief, unhealthy coping skills, the feeling of not being good enough, guilt and shame.
Moving forward, I continue to learn and support Women’s rights and helping women find direction no matter what stage of life.
  Professional experience
  I am an ICF Associate Certified Coach
a Professional Life Coach working with women contemplating or going through a transition.
(Certified Professional Coach)
as a Social Worker for non-profits, I worked with women and children.
(Licensed Master Social Work)
My career started as a Corporate Systems person (B.S Management).

Through personal and professional experiences; I empower, motivate, and teach with significant organizational and interpersonal expertise.