​​​Navigating Life Transitions

​You are not Alone

  1. Individual Coaching
    With Individual coaching, I work with an individual via: skype and/or telephone. In person coaching can consist of a walk/coaching or seated/coaching. Each session will be 50 minutes in length, a contract for 3 months is requested, meeting once a week. $65 p/session
  2. Group Coaching
    Group coaching is like-minded individuals who are going through a transition in their life. Each group is 1.5 hours - dates to be determined. Payment up-front is required. Upcoming Workshops: Life Transitions
  3. Presentations & Inspiration
    An updated schedule of topical presentations will be determined. In Process: Blog, Ebook
I follow the​ International Global Federation Code of Ethics and Core Competencies and 
the ​National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics 

With confidentiality, being authentic, flexible, and respectful, we can work together to determine what is the next step in moving forward.